Challenges for the Future

Challenges for the Future: Sustainable energy supply & energy saving technologies


The challenges for the near future are the need for the development of new solutions for sustainable energy supply and increasing energy prices. The general tendency with increasing energy prices will continue because of an expected increase in energy consumption by 50 % during the next 25 years.


Within this context the importance of rational use of energy is increasing from day to day. According the actual energy prices the payback time for the implementation of the latest energy saving technologies has been cut by 50% during the last 3 years in many applications.


Additionally waste management and conversion of waste to energy are getting more and more in the focus of a sustainable development.


In order to help industry to be in a good position for the global markets the improvement of existing technologies is an important area in which success could be achieved easily.


The co-ordination of ongoing and future R&D activities plays an important role in order to reduce the time for the development of new technologies and the improvement of existing technologies.


The targets of FlammeConsulting and its partners are to take the challenges of the next decades by offering energy and combustion consultancy to industry and public funding organisations. In order to offer a maximum of competence and services to the clients the establishment of a world-wide network is envisaged.


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