New Technology for Power Generation from Biomass: Collaboration between Taylor Biomass Energy and FlammeConsulting


Power Generation from Biomass


The greenhouse gas emissions and its influence on the global climate and the tremendous increase of the oil price leads to a sharply increasing interest in renewable energy technologies. For this background Taylor Biomass Energy (TBE) and FlammeConsulting have started collaboration in power generation from biomass.


The Technology


TBE has developed a technology for the gasification of biomass separated from the municipal waste (MSW) stream. The first step is a waste sorting facility in which the recyclable materials and materials which can not be used for the gasification process will be removed. In the second process step, the biogenic part of


Block Diagram of the Taylor Gasification Process (source: TBE)        


MSW will be converted into a H2 and CO containing syngas with a calorific value of 14 - 16 MJ/Nm3. Within a fluidized bed gasifier, biomass is contacted with the heat carrying material and steam. The gasification technology is based on developments of the Battelle Institute which have been co-funded by the US Department of Energy and have been improved by TBE. The product gas can be used for hydrogen or fuel production or power generation. For power generation the syngas will be used in a combined cycle system. Based on this technology, the electrical efficiency of the total process is in a range of 40%. The concept is designed for a net power output of about 20 MWel. The gasification and power generation part can be used also for biomass resources like wood and agricultural crops without the waste sorting part.


The Commercial Approach


TBE is not interested in just selling the technology. TBE wants to found joint ventures with interested companies and investors for the operation of this innovative technology.


Further Information


Further information about the technology is available in the following documents:








Additional information is available at the website of TBE


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